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View from the mountaintop II – Spiritual journal

My last post was about the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly in Tennessee, where I went recently to lead a workshop on keeping a spiritual journal. In that post I talked about Monteagle and the people there. Today I’ll talk about the workshop itself. There’s a line in The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous about a…

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From the mountain top

I recently went to Tennessee to teach a workshop on keeping spiritual journal at the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly on the mountain top near Sewanee (not to be confused with the river or the song of similar name). The Monteagle Sunday School Assembly entrance The church and gazebo on the mall Okay, I admit it,…

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An Inconvenient Faith — Part 2

Have you had an experience that ‘resonated’ deep within you? Something perhaps challenging, or uncomfortable? Something perhaps inconvenient, but which you still couldn’t ignore? Sometime after the experience I talked about in “An Inconvenient Faith 1”, back when my husband and I were still living in France, Ron asked me where I wanted to go…

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