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Archive for January 2015

Blessing of the Storm

There is a snow storm coming, and The Best Beloved is leaving this afternoon for a business trip.  (I forecast dreadful weather by his business trips.) This makes me restless and nervous.  I used to love storms and filthy weather of all kinds.  But as I grow older and worry about falls on icy roads,…

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A Year In Books (2015) Part 2

Okay… here’s the next whack of books from last year’s reading.  (You can see the first 25 by clicking here.) 26.  THE PARIS REVIEW BOOK OF PEOPLE WITH PROBLEMS — Wonderful addition to any library. Denis Johnson’s story is BRILLIANT. Masterclass for writers. 27. AWAY by Amy Bloom. – As big, complicated, beautiful, awful, funny, despairing and…

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A Year In Books, Part 1

I love reading other people’s book lists, learning what they liked and didn’t.  It makes me feel I know them a bit better, and often alerts me to books I may have missed (or helps me avoid books I won’t like).  So, in that spirit, here’s the first 25 of the 71 books I read…

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