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Archive for August 2011

Opening the stranger door

So, while I’m waiting for the publication of my new book, I’m turning back to the work-in-progress, which has me in something of a twist. It’s been a relief, frankly, to put it aside for a couple of months while I concentrate on the ‘bidness’ of publishing.  However, The Big Dog now wants to be…

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Bright Spots

I am so grateful for the support I’ve received for my new novel, Our Daily Bread.  Thomas E. Kennedy, author of The Copenhagen Quartet, Duff Brenna, author of Too Cool, The Book of Maime and The Holy Book of the Beard (among others), and Dexter Palmer, author of The Dream of Perpetual Motion, have all…

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We Do What We Want, Do We?

This past week I’ve been plugged into the riots in Britain (sparked, initially, during a peaceful protest against the fatal police shooting  of Mark Duggan) and, since the US news outlets are woefully narcissistic, much of my information about London has come via Twitter. I had recently connected to London-based writer, Lawrence Pearce, who lives…

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