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Archive for March 2013

Its Own Reward

I just came across this wonderful essay on writing (although the world “writing” could easily be substituted by a number of other things, I’m sure).  In fact, it’s SO good, I’m posting it here in its entirety. It was written in 1921 by Arthur Clutton-Brock, the British essayist and critic best known for his studies…

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Ding! Round Two!

THANK YOU for the support so many of you have shown OUR DAILY BREAD by voting for it in the first round of Harper Collins’ March Madness. Because of you, I’ve made it to the second round.  I’m delighted and incredibly grateful — especially since I beat out Colm McCann’s terrific book, LET THE GREAT…

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March Madness

OUR DAILY BREAD needs your help! It’s upon us!  Harper Collins Canada is running their March Madness event and OUR DAILY BREAD is competing.  It’s what reader Christie M. calls “the book lover’s hockey pool.” Here’s how it works, every week 2 books face off in 4 ‘divisions’ and at the end of the voting…

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