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Archive for December 2011

Why Penguin may be the smartest publisher around

Oh, Penguin, you’ve found my soft spot.  Books, books, beautiful books, as alluring on the outside as you are on the inside. Take a gander at these beauties: Penguin has come out with special edition classics, with stunning covers created by acclaimed designer Coralie Bickford-Smith.  Their web page says, “Penguin Classics presents beautiful hardcover editions…

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"Are you there already?"

Writing a novel is, of course, a mad undertaking.  It begins with an effervescent, glimmering vision of perfection, which sets the writer off on her ink-stained quest, assured that THIS time she will reproduce the vision exactly, and as scintillatingly as it first appeared. This mirage is quickly followed by the mossy-toothed skull of doubt,…

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Glimpse into the process

Pat Summers, a journalist here in Princeton, has written a lovely article about OUR DAILY BREAD, which also offers a peek into my writing process and the mysterious world of publishing.  The article appears today in THE PRINCETON PACKET.  Thanks very much to Pat, and to Michael James Redmond, the editor at THE PACKET.  You…

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