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Archive for February 2013

Narrative Braid — The Teller And The Tale

The other day in the Sharpening the Quill Writers’ Workshop I lead every month, I talked about what’s known as the Universal Story in narrative — the common structure beneath all kinds of narrative.  It has a triune form (as do most fairy tales and religious imagery, but that’s something for another day) and consists…

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Will I Write Again?

Perhaps it was Philip Roth’s announcement that he’s throwing in the pen that got me thinking about retiring from writing, but the thought has been skittering about in the darker corners of my mind over the past few weeks.  It could also be a merely my usual pre-publishing state of mind.  My Best Beloved assures…

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You Had Me At "Torture."

On this snowy morning, rather than spend my time out frolicking with the Rescuepoo in the drifts (which I promise I’ll do in a few minutes, really, Dog… try and be patient!) I feel compelled to enter into the ridiculous fray surrounding  what may be the most unlikely literary pairing I’ve heard in a long…

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The Spirituality of Imperfection

I’m re-reading a great book right now, called THE SPIRITUALITY OF IMPERFECTION.  Sounds tailor-made for me, doesn’t it?  I know, I know. This books speaks to me on several levels — as a person staying sober one day at a time, as a writer, and as someone seeking a closer relationship with the Sacred.  In…

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