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Archive for March 2011

Mister Pip & The Company of Angels

I haven’t posted any book reviews recently, so I thought today I’d share with you a couple of books I read recently and particularly liked: MISTER PIP by Lloyd Jones:  I adored this book.  Devoured it.  Jones understands character like few other writers.  MISTER PIP is narrated by Matilda, a young girl living on a…

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The Beloved Face in the Crowd

The news is tough. Civil unrest. Cruel dictators slaughtering their people. Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Nuclear disasters. It’s easy to become overwhelmed, and to want to tune out completely. That’s what happens when we’re deluged by unfathomable numbers.  When we hear entire villages have vanished in the recent tsunami in Japan, how does the mind take it…

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Who are 'we'?

My new book, OUR DAILY BREAD, which will be out in September explores the idea of ‘us’ vs ‘them’.  Who do we consider members of our community, of our family, of our tribe? As many of you know, I spend a lot of time in church basement rooms with other people who want to stay…

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