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Archive for February 2012

My Fears Made Manifest

Last week I received a request from one of the chaplains at the nearby hospital to visit a woman suffering from what may well be the last stages of alcoholism.  This was her fourth time in hospital in twelve months. I admit my heart sank. Although I am part of a fellowship that understands helping…

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Musehouse Reading

Bookbound has an article about my upcoming reading at the Musehouse Center for the Literary Arts in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia on Saturday, Feb. 18th.  I think the writer, Nicolette Milholin, did a fine job with it.  You can read it here.  Hope some of you can make it to the reading!

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The Neighbor as "The Other"

One afternoon some years ago when I lived in the French Alps, I was driving home with my friend Joan, a Liverpudlian (or ‘Scouser’ as she proudly called herself) who lived in the hamlet below my house, which was farther up the mountain.  We had been for lunch in nearby Annecy, a medieval town of…

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