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Archive for March 2009

Ordinary Time

I’ve been thinking about the quality of time, and what the constantly shifting seasonal cycles mean in my life. I heard the term “Ordinary Time” mentioned by the Rector at my church recently, and it reminded me how much I’ve always liked that phrase. Ordinary time — plain time, time without end, simple time. I…

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Nature's prayer

Just before Thanksgiving last year, NPR interviewed Terry Tempest Williams, author of Finding Beauty in a Broken World. In part of the interview, Ms. Williams talked about prairie dogs. She said: “I watched prairie dogs every day, rise before the sun, stand with their paws pressed together facing the rising sun in total stillness for…

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Twelve Steps for Writers

Last week I wrote about how both people wishing to stay sober, and people wishing to be writers had more than one thing in common. I also said I’d give some thought as to what the 12-steps for Writers might look like. Here we go – please feel free to keep your sense of humor…

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Discipline — for writers and drunks

As a writer, I have learned the benefit of regular habits. Although I realize some writers only scurry to the typewriter (oh, how I date myself!) when the inspiration strikes them, I am in agreements with March Heaton Vorse, who said, “The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants…

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Spring cleaning for the soul

I’m never quite ready for Lent. It seems to creep up on cat’s paws too quickly and before I’ve fully recuperated from Christmas, there I am at the altar, having someone smear my forehead with ashes and being reminded of my own mortality. “Remember, woman, that thou art dust and until dust shalt thou return.”…

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