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Archive for November 2015

Sister Rita's Thanksgiving

My dear friend, Sister Rita, SSJ, and I are writing a book together, and will tell you more about it as we go along. For now, let me just say I couldn’t be more excited about it, as the wisdom I’ve received from her over the years has been, and continues to be, invaluable. She…

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Opposing a Rush To Judgment

There is a situation playing out in Canada right now that has me both sad and alarmed.  I won’t go into details, since at present we have almost none of those, and they will come out soon enough. I didn’t want to put my face in this fan, honestly, but as a writer with a…

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Refugee Blues

Time, I have come to believe, is not linear, but cyclical, a spiral not a line. Indigenous people and the Old Testament tell us everything has its season, and after winter comes the spring, the summer, the autumn, and then the winter again, although of course it’s never exactly the same winter. Each day both…

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Courage, Dear Paris.

As I watch the horrific events unfolding in Paris tonight, of course my mind goes back to the years I spent in the City of Lights. I remember  that terrible day, 9/11, when I lived in Paris in a top floor apartment in the 16th arrondissement.  From my window I could see all the way from…

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The Author In Autumn

I remember a walk I took at twilight nearly twenty years ago.  I was living in Menthon-St.-Bernard, France then, a mountainous region in Haute Savoie on a deep lake. My Best Beloved and I lived in a house a ways up the mountain,  perhaps a twenty minute walk up the steep path from Menthon itself…

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