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The Empty Room

Shelagh Rogers, and the Kingston Writersfest

Just got back from the wonderful Thin Air Literary Festival in Winnipeg and the Kingston Writersfest, in (of course) Kingston Ontario.  I had a fantastic time in both spots.  One of the highlights was the last night in Kingston, at the Speakeasy, with the fantastic jazz trio “Without Words”.  Thought some of you might get…

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Just Go To Meetings?

A couple of months ago I experienced my first heckler.  I was doing a reading from my new novel, The Empty Room, at a library in Toronto.  The Empty Room is a speculative look at what a day in my life might look like, had I not quit drinking 18+ years ago.  I figured there’d be a…

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The Agenda with Steve Paikin

I’m delighted to say my televised interview with the WONDERFUL Steve Paikin, on his show “The Agenda” is now available for your viewing pleasure. We did lots of gabbing about THE EMPTY ROOM.  You can see it by clicking here.  Of all the interviews I’ve done over the years, Steve’s might just be my favorite. …

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The Travelling Writer

I’m in Toronto doing book launch stuff, and having a great time.  Last night dinner with Michael Rowe and the wonderful ChiZine publishers Sandra Kasturi and Brett Savory. This morning Lisa Fromer interviewed me on Global TV’s The Morning Show.  Although I was only about 85% awake I think there was enough caffeine in my system…

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Why Write About THEM?

Every now and then someone asks me, why do you write about people like that? I ask,  people like what? Well, these folks say, you seem like a pretty happy person, more or less, and you have a great marriage and you like where you live and you love your dog and you don’t worry…

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Aiming For Oblivion

Today a woman told me she didn’t think she had a drinking problem because she never drank to feel better, or even to get high, the way others did; she drank so she didn’t have to feel anything.  She found her emotions intolerable, and she drank aiming for oblivion.  She wasn’t an alcoholic, she said,…

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