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I’m in Toronto doing book launch stuff, and having a great time.  Last night dinner with Michael Rowe and the wonderful ChiZine publishers Sandra Kasturi and Brett Savory. This morning Lisa Fromer interviewed me on Global TV’s The Morning Show.  Although I was only about 85% awake I think there was enough caffeine in my system that I didn’t make a total ass of myself.  If interested, you can watch the interview here:

In a couple of hours I have the great joy of being interviewed by Shelagh Rogers for her CBC show, which will be aired later this year, and then I teach a class and hang out at the book launch.

I’m having a great time — especially after the wonderful interview with Steve Paikin on his TVO show The Agenda yesterday.  (I’ll post that in a couple of weeks when it airs.)

Still, I’m really missing my dog.  So, here’s a picture because yes, I’ve become one of those people who posts photos of my pets.  Snort.

Bailey finds a sunbeam

Bailey finds a sunbeam


  1. LeeAnn on May 30, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    Dear Lauren,

    I am so happy for you!

    What a busy few days – so glad that there is all of this appreciation for you and for your work.

    I can only try to imagine how hard it is to write, to get published, and then to see if there is an audience, and then to see if there are reviewers and any receptive press. Your 15+ years of artistry keeps building momentum in each of these areas. What a garden you have planted and watched grow. Creativity and diligence are such a beautiful pairing!

    I have known your best beloved for over 20 years. I saw how happy he was when he met you. I know that he is your biggest fan, constant cheerleader, and a master sales and marketing impresario on your behalf. He must be tickled pink to be at your side as you are so warmly received.

    Please bring Bailey with you next time!

    I know you have been a citizen of many countries, and are a global traveller and thinker, but I can’t resist saying “Welcome Home” when you are here.


    PS-Very smart to launch your wonderful book in beautiful May, and not January!

    • Lauren B. Davis on May 30, 2013 at 2:41 pm

      Thanks so much, LeeAnn! Back home with Bailey now and thrilled, even though, in my absence, he shredded a curtain. Snort.

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