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Archive for September 2012

Thank you, Nova Scotia!

I just got back from a wonderful six days in Nova Scotia, where I was part of the “Word on the Street” festivities.  What a great place.  I’ve always loved Nova Scotia, and don’t get to visit often enough (although I’m happy to report I’ll be back there in the spring, promoting the new book,…

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Nova Scotia Bound

I’m off to Halifax on Saturday to take part in the wonderful “Word on the Street” events on Sunday as well as doing a reading at “The Inside Story”  in Greenwood, Nova Scotia on Wednesday evening, Sept. 26. I’m excited.  I LOVE Nova Scotia and look forward to seeing old friends. One of the things…

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A Form of Political Protest

We wake up this morning to more dreadful news.  Riots and attacks in Libya, Yeman, Egypt.  Good people dead.  Intolerance and ignorance exploding everywhere. I am prone, as I have said before, to the droops.  The world gets me down.  Some days more than others, and these days cruelty, selfishness, intolerance, ignorance and self-righteousness abound. …

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OUR DAILY BREAD & The Giller Prize

Well, today started out pretty darn well.  I heard OUR DAILY BREAD was longlisted for the Giller Prize. All prizes are, of course, as much a matter of luck and timing as anything else. I know there were some wonderful books published this year that didn’t make it onto the list. I also know it’s…

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