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Archive for May 2013

Proust Questionnaire for Open Book Toronto

The lovely people at Open Book Toronto asked me to answer their “Proust” questionnaire.  On their site they say: Lauren B. Davis is following strong on the heels of her hit book Our Daily Bread with The Empty Room (HarperCollins Canada) hitting the shelves just one year later. Though The Empty Room tackles a different…

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The Travelling Writer

I’m in Toronto doing book launch stuff, and having a great time.  Last night dinner with Michael Rowe and the wonderful ChiZine publishers Sandra Kasturi and Brett Savory. This morning Lisa Fromer interviewed me on Global TV’s The Morning Show.  Although I was only about 85% awake I think there was enough caffeine in my system…

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Why Write About THEM?

Every now and then someone asks me, why do you write about people like that? I ask,  people like what? Well, these folks say, you seem like a pretty happy person, more or less, and you have a great marriage and you like where you live and you love your dog and you don’t worry…

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Writing Workshop in Toronto

I’m giving a writing workshop in Toronto on May 28th, exclusively for fans of HarperCollins Canada’s Facebook Page. To be part of it, click on the link and see the details.  You have to ‘like’ the page and send HarperCollins Canada an email saying why you wish to be part of the workshop.  Hope you…

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A Great Day At The Prison

Some days are just wonderful.  It’s My Best Beloved’s birthday, and it’s Bailey’s birthday (our dog, known asThe Rescuepoo), and the hot-off-the-presses copy of my new novel arrived in the mail, which just makes me giddy with grinning . . . . but. . . the most wonderful thing about today happened in a prison.…

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