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Archive for January 2013

Mini Workshop — Conflict in Narrative

Today’s blog is a mini-workshop for writers, on the subject of conflict in narrative. For emerging writers, one of the most important aspects of story-telling is conflict.  Something has to happen in a narrative, and what happens has to matter.  By which I mean that whatever your protagonist wants has to be IMPORTANT — it…

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Aiming For Oblivion

Today a woman told me she didn’t think she had a drinking problem because she never drank to feel better, or even to get high, the way others did; she drank so she didn’t have to feel anything.  She found her emotions intolerable, and she drank aiming for oblivion.  She wasn’t an alcoholic, she said,…

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Great Way to Start the Morning

Because I am a little neurotic and insecure and oscillate between wanting to be left alone to write and wanting people to remember I exist — in short, you know, a WRITER — I have a Google alert set up.  Sometimes it brings me wonderful things, as it did this morning when I was alerted…

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What To Do? What To Do?

I had a phone chat recently with a writer friend of mine.  We both have books coming out this spring and are both dealing with the pre-publication jitters.  His editor called him to say a blurb for the book had come in and it was a really nice blurb, but the ‘blurbist’ had suggested “a…

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