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Archive for April 2014

Why I Think The Workshop Works!

Once a month I teach a writing workshop — SHARPENING THE QUILL — here in Princeton.  We are a group of about twenty.  Some have been coming for years, others for just a few months.  Some are published, some are emerging, some are real beginners.  All are welcome. I love my students.  One of the…

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Heresy of the Table

It was a few years ago, when I was still regularly going to church. I attended a Sunday forum led by a priest I’ll call Father Robert (not his name, of course, not even close).  A fire-plug of a man, who might have made a good boxer, he sat at the head of the table,…

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So Ends The Silence

A month ago I posted that I was going to be off social media for a month, and so I was.  It was WONDERFUL. And yes, it took a little getting used to at first.  One of the reasons I wanted to wean myself off it was that I found myself far too inclined towards…

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