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Archive for June 2018

Alice McDermott's THE NINTH HOUR and her magic mirror

I recently read Alice McDermott’s brilliant book, THE NINTH HOUR, about which NPR said: “The Ninth Hour begins with a suicide. The aftermath is handled with indisputable authority by a nun who works with the sick and poor, Sister St. Saviour, who arranges both a funeral for the dead man and a future for his pregnant…

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Suicide. Cruelty. Kindness…. and a possible movement.

It’s been a painful week, hasn’t it? Wow. Kate Spade. Anthony Bourdain. A general glut of cruelty and lack of kindness. I told myself I wouldn’t write another piece about suicide, but then I made the mistake of looking on social media, and what I saw upset me so, well, I can’t help myself. I begin…

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Glug, horror, attention!

As some of you know I have, with the help of the wonderful team of Bob and Garrett Griffith, created a raised bed vegetable garden. I love it. Veggies, you know? But here’s the problem… Bailey the Rescuepoo wandered out past the garden and was suddenly all muddy, as many short-legged white dogs might be.…

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When we are here… here…look!

As some of you know, I popped off social media a few days ago.  I’m a bit conflicted, I admit, and probably in the thrall of withdrawal, if you will. I miss people — and I hope they will find me and reach out. But I’m also much more at peace. I do not need another…

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Hello, goodbye, hello….

  How difficult it is to walk away …. well, from anything . . . but from social media doubly so. I have met so many people I care about through Facebook or Twitter. Truly, you know whom I mean, don’t you? Yes, you, probably. But then, I think, how much of my time is…

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