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Archive for November 2011

Oh My, The Things I Don't Know

How many times are we told to write about what we know? Too many. I’ll be honest — I’m a magpie, by which I mean I’m someone who’s easily distracted when  previously unnoticed bright shiny objects catch my eye.  I believe this is a wonderful quality for a writer.  Sure, we need discipline, stick-to-it-ness, focus…

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Bailey Day

Today is the one-year anniversary of the day Bailey-the-Rescuepoo came to live with My Best Beloved and me. The Best Beloved is in Europe just now, but he sent an email requesting I give Bailey a few extra treats for him on what he calls “Bailey Day.”  He said he can’t believe how his heart…

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10 Hard Truth for Grub Street Daily

Good morning everyone — I hope that, if you live in the North East US, you’ve got your power back on by now.  Zounds, what a storm. Just wanted to share that I have a guest post — 10 Hard Truths About Writing — up on the Grub Street Daily website.  Also, you might want…

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