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Archive for April 2009

Original inspiration – James Agee

I was, I think, fourteen, perhaps fifteen when someone I can’t recall handed me a book, called Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. The ‘someone’ was a woman, older than I, and I vaguely recall we were sitting in a kitchen, drinking tea. I have an image of wooden floors, a pot-bellied stove, sagging bookshelves,…

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It’s easy to slip into obsessive thinking. It’s easy to lose our perspective and think our problems, our opinions, our troubles, are more important than they are. On my bad days, this is my view of the world (Thanks to Rev. Allan King for sharing the image with me.) I know that sometimes, when someone…

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April is the Cruelest Month

I am most grateful to Joy Stocke at the terrific Wild River Review, for asking me to write an essay on the suicide deaths of both my brothers, Bernie and Ronnie. This is the anniversary week of their deaths. The essay is called “April is the Cruelest Month” and if you would like to read…

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Very Superstitious

The Fearless One! I don’t think of myself as an overly superstitious person. I walk under ladders, although I do check first to see if there’s a can of yellow paint hovering over me. I don’t mind black cats walking in front of my path, although I admit I do get the feeling sometimes that…

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