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Archive for April 2011

Here comes the crow, again

 So, here I am again.  In THAT place.  I have a book coming out in the fall (OUR DAILY BREAD), and so I’m presently looking at galleys and cover for the Advanced Review Copies that will go out to reviewers.  Soon I’ll be involved in the kind of publicity authors are expected to do…

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Take the Neo-Nazis Bowling

Today in my state capital, which is a largely African-American city, neo-nazis are apparently holding a rally in front of the state house.  Reports say 100 such young men are scheduled to show up, wave banners and shout whatever they think is important. Another group of people, the New Black Panthers, are planning to counter-protest. …

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The Cranky Muse

Last month during the Sharpening the Quill writing workshop I lead here in Princeton, one of my students mentioned that although her lifelong dream has been to be a writer, she’s been plagued over the past year or so by a series of illnesses that have kept her from writing as much as she’d like. …

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