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Archive for June 2013

The Agenda with Steve Paikin

I’m delighted to say my televised interview with the WONDERFUL Steve Paikin, on his show “The Agenda” is now available for your viewing pleasure. We did lots of gabbing about THE EMPTY ROOM.  You can see it by clicking here.  Of all the interviews I’ve done over the years, Steve’s might just be my favorite. …

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To begin at the begining of things

One of the challenges all writers have is how to grab reader interest from the get-go.  Most begin their stories or novels with one of two things:  either a large thud of expository writing, or a battle/car chase/explosion of some sort (either physical or emotional) in which bad things happen to characters no one yet…

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Inspiration and Illustrations

I’m back home from the tour now and hunkering in over the next novel amidst thunderstorms and trees crashing down and a wild turkey and her brood who have taken up refuge in our garden (which seems a strange decision given the trees crashing down). Still, things are going on out there in the world…

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National Post Profile

In case anyone’s interested, there’s a profile piece up in the National Post this morning in which I manage not to sound like a complete idiot.  

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This Will Probably Get Me Into Hot Water

Jared Bland, the editor at the Globe & Mail, recently asked what I thought was the biggest danger to emerging writers.  Without hesitation I said, “Self-publishing.”  He threw back his head and laughed and said it was the best answer he’d heard to date. And, just as quickly, I thought — oh dear, here come…

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