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Proust Questionnaire for Open Book Toronto

The lovely people at Open Book Toronto asked me to answer their “Proust” questionnaire.  On their site they say: Lauren B. Davis is following strong on the heels of her hit book Our Daily Bread with The Empty Room (HarperCollins Canada) hitting the shelves just one year later. Though The Empty Room tackles a different…

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Why Write About THEM?

Every now and then someone asks me, why do you write about people like that? I ask,  people like what? Well, these folks say, you seem like a pretty happy person, more or less, and you have a great marriage and you like where you live and you love your dog and you don’t worry…

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March Madness

OUR DAILY BREAD needs your help! It’s upon us!  Harper Collins Canada is running their March Madness event and OUR DAILY BREAD is competing.  It’s what reader Christie M. calls “the book lover’s hockey pool.” Here’s how it works, every week 2 books face off in 4 ‘divisions’ and at the end of the voting…

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Great Way to Start the Morning

Because I am a little neurotic and insecure and oscillate between wanting to be left alone to write and wanting people to remember I exist — in short, you know, a WRITER — I have a Google alert set up.  Sometimes it brings me wonderful things, as it did this morning when I was alerted…

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