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Archive for July 2010

Playing in Inkwood

I was twenty, and it was somewhere round three o’clock in the morning.  I sat at a battered desk in the corner of the bedroom in my basement apartment in Montreal.  The floor was warped from one of the unending water leaks in the ancient plumbing and the desk wobbled. Charlie Mingus’s music played from…

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The river of stories

The other day I visited the  Rescue Mission of Trenton, with the group, People & Stories, to talk about literature and life.  Diane, a volunteer organizer drove me there.  When we arrived we entered an unmarked steel door in the side of a cement block building and when the woman behind the glass saw us,…

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I would have drunk pond scum

I was in England recently, where there is an ongoing debate about how much folks are drinking.  If you Google “binge drinking” and “UK” a depressingly long list of sites pop up.  The Brits are trying a number of things to curb the epidemic — physicians now ask their patients directly about their drinking habits,…

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I am thrilled to announce I’ve begun creative writing workshops in Princeton – last Saturday of every month! I invite you to join us. Although we’re just beginning. We are already a group of friendly, supportive writers — some just starting on the writer’s journey, others already well published.  Fiction, memoir, poetry, flash fiction, creative…

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