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Archive for December 2012

Chief Theresa Spence — A Moral Hero

I have been wondering, over the past days, how to tackle the subject of Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike, the “Idle No More” movement, and the treatment of First Nations people by the Canadian government.  My disappointment in Prime Minister Harper and his government grows with every hour. I am a Canadian with English, Irish…

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Return of the Light

Winter Solstice.  The longest night.  The darkest time. After the sorrow of this particular month, with the senseless slaughter of innocents a week ago today, and the mass insanity of doomsday cults, perhaps we may be forgiven for not quite believing the light will ever return.  The darkness seems so impenetrable, so impossible to shift.…

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A Prayer for the Children

The season of Christmas turns to the season of grief. Twenty-seven people have apparently died in a shooting at a Connecticut school this morning. Eighteen of them are children. There will be, no doubt, much talk over the coming days and weeks about gun violence in America.  There will be strident voices on both sides. …

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