Nova Scotia Bound

I’m off to Halifax on Saturday to take part in the wonderful “Word on the Street” events on Sunday as well as doing a reading at “The Inside Story”  in Greenwood, Nova Scotia on Wednesday evening, Sept. 26. I’m excited.  I LOVE Nova Scotia and look forward to seeing old friends.

One of the things I’m most excited about is reading with Donna Morrisey and David Adams Richards on Sunday.  I’ve long been a fan of their work and it will be lovely to meet them in person.  I’ll get some photos and post them.

The tall ship Silva, built in Sweden in 1939, on which I will try not to get sea-sick.

I’m also going see Ami MacKay, who wrote, THE VIRGIN CURE.  It’s a fascinating book about a young girl in Victorian New York.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I met the talent Ami last year when we were both at the Ottawa Writer’s Festival and look forward to catching up.  She lives in Nova Scotia, in a house that was once the home of a midwife.  She told that story in THE BIRTH HOUSE. We’ll be together on “September Sails” — a harbor cruise on a tall ship, especially for book clubs.  Hope the harbor’s calm.  I have been known to get a bit queasy in rough water.  Actually, I’ve been known to get a bit queasy in not so rough water as well.  Note to self: bring ginger root and Dramamine.

Sea-sickness aside, as you can see I’ll be in great company.

That’s one of the nicest things about these kind of trips.  Along with meeting readers I get to be a fan, which is inspiring.  I also plan not to do much writing on this trip.  I need a break.  I’ve been slogging away on a couple of projects and, frankly, I need to let the well fill up a little.  I keep going over and over a scene near the end of the Book-in-Progress and getting absolutely nowhere.  Time to step away.

So, next installment will be either when I get home, or from the road if I get a minute.  Wish me luck!

Happy reading.



  1. lucky8 on September 22, 2012 at 7:07 am

    Lauren, sounds very exciting – wishing you an enjoyable and successful trip.
    I’m sure you and Our Daily Bread being long-listed for the Giller prize will help get you lots of attention, and many new fans. I loved this novel and can see why it resonates so powerfully with readers.

    • Lauren B. Davis on September 22, 2012 at 7:55 am

      Thanks very much. It’s fantastic to meet readers.

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