On Being Dumbfounded In The Face Of Life

Dark path of grief

Today I received the following comment on the blog I wrote about choosing “Interbeing” as my word for the year. I was so touched by it that I found myself writing a long response that’s turned into its own blog entry. Anne M., I am grateful to you. Anne wrote: Thank you for this lovely…

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A Time of Paradox

Horror. Despair. Fury. Incomprehension. Impatience. These are the emotions roiling through me on an unholy loop. I oscillate, like many of you do I suspect, from shock to fury to despair and back again. DO SOMETHING, my soul cries as the bombs rain down on children and women and men and animals. Putin, I shriek,…

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This Year, Justice And Mercy #1

After not getting to sleep until 3 am (thank you, neighbors, who love fireworks and guns), I woke up groggy this New Year morning, but with the word ‘mercy’ echoing through my mind. Why? Not sure, but it may have to do with a comet, a pig, and a mouse. (More later.) I’m trying to…

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