A request from your friendly author

Hello all,

Well, we’ve been getting along very nicely here, I think. Some of you have been kind enough to comment directly on the blog, which is most appreciated, others have sent wonderful emails to me, which is also much appreciated.

Now, I have a favor to ask those of you who are on Facebook. Could you please go to THIS LINK, and do two things:

1) confirm that I am indeed the author of this website. I need 8 people to do this before Facebook recognizes I exist. Snort.

2) become a fan (if you are indeed a fan).

Apparently this new feature on Facebook will provide a direct feed from this blog on their site if I have enough fans (I think they want 15 or 20).

If for some reason that link doesn’t work, and you are already my friend on Facebook, just go to my profile page and scroll down to the ‘blog networks’ box under the ‘friends’ box, and click on the link to ‘View from the Library Window.”

And, speaking of websites, I’m thoroughly enjoying the GOODREADS site, where you can share your reading lists with friends and swap reviews. I invite anyone interested in good books to join — one of the nice features is that there’s an author’s section, so this is a chance to get in touch with some of the writers you admire.

Thanks so much!

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