"In This Light" reviews "Our Daily Bread"

Dory Adams by Heather Mull - Pittsburgh City Paper

I’m SO grateful for the insightful review of OUR DAILY BREAD, by Pittsburgh writer/reviewer, Dory Adams.

One of the things she says is, “Davis hooked me early in the first chapter, and her well-paced suspenseful story kept me spellbound for long stretches of time. I had to find out what happened next. When I finished the book, I knew I would have a very hard time selecting what book to read next that would hold my attention and keep me turning the pages in the same way. ”

Oh, how that warms the cockles of a writer’s heart!

Dory has a wonderful blog called “In This Light” which explores the the influence of images on writers and writing. She says, “Think of it as a place where imagery joins narrative, to see how things look through the light of words.”

Thanks so much, Dory!

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