Even so…#2

Second day, or maybe the 15th, in the middle (or beginning) of this thing, whatever it is.

In spite of everything, the fish in the pond jumped high for no reason at all, except joy.

I stretched my body, yoga-style, which I haven’t done in a long time, even so.

In spite of everything, two mourning doves perched on the bottom limb of the pine tree in the garden and canoodled with coos of delight.

Bailey, the Rescuepoo, lives in hope of the bunnies finally coming out from under the bush, even so.

In spite of everything, the enormous bullfrog (J. Alfred Prufrog) still must be rescued from the top of the pond net.

The earth in the vegetable garden yielded itself to me as I turned it over in preparation for seeds, even so.

And, in spite of everything, all grief and confusion and fear and anger and foolishness… a conversation with a friend lifts my spirits to sky.

And you? What has been your ‘even so,’ your ‘in spite of everything’ today?

Stay safe and well beloveds.




  1. Sharen on April 16, 2020 at 10:55 am

    That yoga stretching feels so good ( also started back!) and appreciate the pain that leads to pleasure in knowing the body welcomes the stretch. And I welcome the concentration. Note to self: keep on, keep on!

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