Even So #5

Day ? of the plague.

A wild storm blew through this afternoon, not caring a bit for our little concerns, even so.

A dear friend put everything aside to care for a very difficult elderly relative, in spite of everything.

Oh, the irony of this Plague at Passover. I’m not Jewish, but I honor the longing for liberation, for release, and along with my Jewish brothers and sisters, I commit to extending my hand to those in slavery of any kind, symbolized by Passover, even so.

And, on that theme, I’m invited to a virtual Passover seder and I’m told G*D and my Jewish friends-and-relations will forgive me for using pickled ginger for the horseradish, and bread I made myself (toasted) for the matzoh, since we can’t get any, in spite of everything.

And more… how grateful I am to Old York Cellars for bringing us a Passover meal when no grocery stores would deliver, even so.

My writer friends, who had signed on to teach virtual classes during this difficult time, are incredibly gracious now that they’ve had to be put on hold due to this f*cking virus, in spite of everything.

And finally, this is the weekend when my family and I remember the suicides of my brothers, Bernie and Ronnie, and we still stand, we still love each other, we’re still here, even so.

Be well and safe, my beloveds. Stay in touch.


  1. Ellen Warrington on April 10, 2020 at 7:37 am

    Dear Lauren, your thoughtfulness and willingness to share your appreciation for daily good & bad experiences help me gain a better perspective on what’s happening in my own day. Substantially influenced by the situation we’re all in with COVID, everyone I know, including me, are having emotional ups and downs. I’m going to work on being more grateful for the good things in our lives, the people in our communities looking out for the good of the many, and living more simply.
    Sorry about this time of year being the anniversary of the suicide of your two brothers, but your warm recollection of them is lovely. Wishing you and yours peace, and a Happy Easter and Happy Passover.
    kind regards, Ellen W.

    • Lauren B. Davis on April 10, 2020 at 9:31 am

      Thank you so much, Ellen. Another day and we’re still here. May you have a blessed Passover and Easter, too!

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