Even So…#8

Day ? of the pandemic.

Storm coming.

The storms roll in, tornado warnings and flooding, devastation for so many in the south, although you’d think plagues would be enough, and everyone pitches in to help, even so.

And when the storms rolled out, the sun returned, the grass was crystal-speckled and the air smelled of grass and fir trees, in spite of everything.

A chat with a writer friend from oh, so many years ago in France, a voice on the phone, learning about her new love and listening to the excitement in her voice, make my heart soar, even so.

My Best Beloved, so handsome and so funny, who helps out in the kitchen, never fails to lift my spirits and make me laugh, in spite of everything. 

Best Beloved with a dubious bandana.

Bailey says, “Let’s play, in spite of everything.”

This silly boy, this little dog, who rescued me ten years ago, remains the light of my heart, on dark days and light, even so.

And now, at the end of another day, a cup of moon tea, made with rose petals and lavender honey, is just delicious, in spite of everything.

Be safe and well, my loves.

Let me know how you’re doing.


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