Even So…#14

Day ? of the pandemic.

Veterinarian Kim Babineau says Zoey, a miniature pinscher is on the mend after being shot in this weekend’s deadly rampage in Nova Scotia. (THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO – Central Nova Animal Hospital)

I lived in Nova Scotia many years ago, not far from where the recent massacre happened. I know how wonderful the people of the Maritimes are, and I take solace from that. I know they’ll take care of each other in this awful time, as we all should. I read today about how vets worked to save dogs shot by the same monster who killed 22 people. One vet was working on a miniature Pinscher when she was told the dog belonged to her friend, who had been murdered. Although she was in shock and grieving, she saved the pup, which is the candle flame of love still burning, in spite of everything. 

And the days keep passing, even so.

A friend brought me groceries without me asking, and more than I could have hoped for. Such kindness, the way she thinks of others, in spite of everything.

I planted a Roma tomato plant in a pretty pot. It’s a good healthy little plant and has that amazing clean fresh smell about it, and I do believe I’ll have tomatoes in a while, even so.

Another storm blew in mid-afternoon, turning the sky green. For a few minutes the hail clattered down and the wind gusts went from the ground up. It was, to say the least, invigorating. And then it was over and the sky was blue as a robin’s egg again, in spite of everything.

Bailey, the Rescuepoo. A bit surprised.

For dinner, it was spaghetti with a red sauce I’d simmered for hours. Simple, but so comforting, and we shared a wee bit with the silly boy in the photo, who seemed a little surprised, but loves us enough to forgive us taking photos like this, even so.

And finally, Mrs. Grumpy, the groundhog I hadn’t seen in a long while, ambled through the back garden. I was concerned she might have been gone for good, but there she was, fat and cranky as always, making our garden her home, in spite of everything.

Be safe, beloveds, and let me know how you’re doing.



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