Even so…. #16

Day ? of the pandemic.

Is it getting harder to focus on the best of things during the worst of times? It is. But I’m going to go on, even so.

Vegetable garden, just planted.

I spent the day gardening, planting seeds: mesclun, broccoli, basil, beans, peas, peppers, oregano, tomatoes, asparagus. ..Not much to see yet, but check back in a few weeks. The forecast is for hard storms tomorrow, so I hope those wee seeds will survive, as I hope we all will, in spite of everything.

Via Twitter, I heard that a friend, Jeffrey Luscombe, is writing a novel I can’t wait to read… one of the characters is an infamous female murderer in Canadian history. He is continuing to write, even so.

Other friends, of the musical variety — Shawn O’Shea and his partner Roxanne Tellier — have written a song to honor how much we miss our friends and long to hug them. I’ll post that tomorrow when it’s up, because we trust we will be able to hug our loved ones again, in spite of everything.

I took a walk in the garden today, which I know sounds odd because after all, it’s just my garden, and haven’t I been in it a thousand times? Well, I have, but this quarantine has invited me to look more deeply than I do when I’m busy-busy. And I’m discovering I love that perspective and want to share it, yes, even if we’re separated and I can’t invite you over for tea in the garden, yes, for now, even so…

Just here for a moment, as we all are.


Brigid, Guardian of the Garden


Because the Fae live among the ferns, and Beltane is soon upon us.

Oh, my, and there… the light is just beginning to shift to evening, and the mourning dove calls, in spite of everything.

Be safe and well, beloveds, and let me know how you’re doing.


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