Even So…. #20

Someone asked me, Why don’t you name your blog by the number of days you’ve been in isolation?

Snort. I wish I could remember, even so.

Or, maybe I don’t.

Maybe there’s something lovely about just living in one moment. This one. And then This one.

It’s a spiritual thing. But make no mistake, I understand I have the luxury to consider spiritual things because I have a house to live in, and food, and loved ones sharing this with me, and I am not a person of color being murdered for no other reason than the shade of my skin. See how simple it gets, in spite of everything?

Right. Privilege. I understand that if your children haven’t eaten enough, or if you haven’t been able to pay the rent or buy the medicine you desperately need or are dealing with mental health issues or are praying for someone you love who has the virus, you know precisely how many days it’s been, even so.

Which brings me to the helpers.

I have a dear friend, a nun who insists I keep her name, and the name of her community secret, although I wish I could scream it from the rooftops by way of inspiration. Still. I will honor her request. So let me tell you this: these women have given $80,000 to support the suffering, beloved neighbor. They do this through the network of Sisters working in the neighborhood in which they live. They are the boots on the ground, up close and personal. They are in a relationship with their neighbors in a way I wish I could be, and yet am not. Why aren’t I? Many reasons. I do what I can, but there is something about a spiritual community, working together to do the work of the Sacred in the world. It has power, in spite of everything.

Maybe, if this virus teaches us anything, it’s that if we finally, after all, realize we are one family, all hoping, all hurting, all frightened, and all strong as mountains… perhaps we will be all right; perhaps historians, looking back, will say: well that was a tough time, but look how my ancestors cared for each other and as a result, look what a glorious society came to be, even so.

Beloveds, who are the helpers where you are? Who are the midwives to the birth of a (hopefully) miraculous new way of living?

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