As Civilizations Crumble and Disappear…

I woke up this morning (after spending a day drowsy from the spinal procedure I had yesterday), to find the GOP have won Virginia. This was a decisive win (thank you white women who voted over 64% in favor of the racist agenda) based largely on the dog whistle of the fictional CRT. Even here in NJ, it’s almost too close to call, and the GOP candidate is an anti-vaxxer, anti-abortion, gun toter. Plus, it seems the strict gun laws in NY will be shot (!) down by the Supreme Court.
I rather wish I was still napping.
However, in my morning meditation, this is the tarot card I pulled, from the “Witches’ Wisdom deck, which I highly recommend (if you’re of a Christian mindset don’t be scared by the word ‘witches’, it’s all very earth-based and deeply spiritual and profoundly relevant). And this is some of the wisdom it offers…
“There is a wild and uncontrollable presence in the greenwood, in every garden, forest, and beneath all the concrete of all the cities of the world. It’s primordial and vital, cleaving and engulfing every obstacle with its green and growing power. Flowers and fruit burst forth as civilizations crumble and disappear...Joy and hope in letting go. Fertility, life force, green magic…Without wild growth, your Spirit will lack its full power to manifest. You need to let go of some of the control you’ve been taught is necessary.”
I take comfort in that, being reminded I can’t control everything, and that life will continue, even if we humans don’t. And I also feel reminded to take a much longer, more detached view than perhaps I’ve been taking. I was filled with fury when one of my neighbors said they thought there was nothing wrong with the health care in the country. “You just have to make sure you work, and so many just want a free ride.” *insert shriek here!* Let it go, Lauren. Let it go. The Craftsman of Earth has got this, and what the Earth needs to do to heal herself She will, with His help.
Yes, we do what we can, right here where we stand, but to be filled with fury and despair isn’t helpful.
I find it hilarious (sort of) that I wrote a book (EVEN SO) about loving difficult people, which has turned into something of a challenge, giving me every f*cking opportunity possible to practice that theory.
My friend Sr. Rita calls that sort of thing an invitation. Hardly comfortable, but required. 


  1. Ashley on November 3, 2021 at 9:31 pm

    Here, Here!!

    • Lauren B. Davis on November 3, 2021 at 9:40 pm


  2. BuriedInPrint on November 5, 2021 at 9:34 pm

    That card set looks absolutely gorgeous!
    And, yes, the comedy montage I watched, with all the allusions to CRT was outstanding. (Might have been Stephen Colbert?) As if it ever would be taught in K-12. As if any of them actually knows what it’s all about. So distressing.
    I’ve been offline for a few days, and preoccupied with monthend deadlines, but gradually catching up again. Hope you’re feeling better now.

  3. Alexandra B on November 10, 2021 at 8:52 am

    Lauren, I just finished Even So and loved it. As you did so well in this novel and your other work, this post addresses a core theme of “us vs them”. In particular your comment about access to healthcare, which is not a good situation for a large percentage of the US public. If more of us could put ourselves in other person’s shoes and see it from their perspective, we’d have more compassion and understanding in our society. While the news is mostly depressing, I remain hopeful we will find and pursue a saner and more inclusive path. Keep writing! Kind regards, Alexandra B

    • Lauren B. Davis on November 10, 2021 at 8:59 am

      Thanks so much, Alexandra. I, too, am horrified by the state of healthcare in this country. I have a friend who is having to sell every last shred of assets her sick mother has in order for her to get Medicaid and the care she needs. And this is a woman who worked as a social worker her entire life, serving others. Does she have much money? No. But it was enough for her to be independent. After her illness, should she survive it, she will have to live on the charity of her daughter, who is hardly wealthy herself. That a country as ‘wealthy’ as the US should force its citizens to pauper themselves in order to get medical care is obscene. Health care should not be a for-profit business. I have lived in Canada and in France where there is socialized medicine. Were those systems perfect? No, but at least no one had to choose between keeping a roof over their heads and having a tumor removed. Oh, the US is a fine country to be rich in, but God help you if you’re just an average worker, or, God forbid, materially poor. Shudder.

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